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Cake Decorating Piping Tips

How Russian Piping Tips Can Help You Decorate Desserts Like a Pro

Cake decorating allows us to take ordinary, dull-looking cakes and turn them into something far more special. Such decorating gives us ways to create themes and add special touches to whatever or whomever the cake is for.

While there are indeed some skilled and adventurous types who prefer to free-hand the decorating for their desserts, tools such as Russian piping tips provide a much easier and efficient way to create both simple and complex designs that are the same each and every time.

Making Roses with Russian Piping Tips

With just a bag of icing and a few piping tips, you can create beautiful texture on your desserts, and also create decorations such as flower blooms with relative ease and consistency. In fact, most professional cake and dessert decorators use piping tips on a regular basis.

If you’ve ever wondered how cake decorators and savvy homebodies create those life-like flower blooms and consistent textures, now you know. It’s all from the piping tips.

What Are Russian Piping Tips

For those who aren’t familiar, Russian piping tips are the actual little tips on the end of icing bags that dictate how the icing looks when it flows out through one.

While regular icing tips for pastries and desserts have basic holes to pipe icing through, Russian piping tips have elaborate designs in the tip that cause the icing to go in different directions and shapes, forming intricate textures and styles.

This is extremely helpful when cake decorating because  you can use these tips to make lifelike designs and objects without spending hours on each one by hand, forming icing into shapes by other means.

Piping also results in a consistency for each design that is much more difficult to achieve with a freehand method. These tips are often sold in sets that give you a broad range of choices for all the designs you can make.

If you are someone who has always been a bit nervous to try decorating cakes and desserts yourself, Russian piping tips offer a viable solution that can have you making professional-looking decorations in no time at all.

There’s really not much to figure out. Simply fill your icing bag, place the tip onto the end with a coupler, and you are ready to begin making decorations.

How to Use Russian Piping Tips

At first, the idea of putting all the pieces together to begin piping icing can seem a little intimidating, but the process is fairly simple.

You begin by first making your icing, which we’ll touch on further down.

Russian Piping Tips Smiley

Prepare your icing bag by either making a cut on the end, or finding the slit that is already there if your bag comes with one. If it doesn’t, cut off about 3/4ths of an inch on one end.

Next, you will insert the coupler into the bag’s open end. For those that don’t know what a coupler is, it’s a plastic piece that allows you to swap out piping tips easily without having to change bags. Some couplers (like ours) allows you to use multiple colors at once.

Secure the coupler and the bag by using the plastic ring. This creates a seal.

Now you will prepare the bag to receive the icing. Grab the middle of the bag with one hand, and fold the top half over your hand to open it up, forming a sort of cuff.  It’s now time for the icing. Using a spoon or spatula, fill the bag, but do not exceed 2/3rds or 3/4ths full.

If you are having trouble doing this without making a mess, place the bag into a glass to hold it upright while you scoop the icing inside.

Once you have finished filling the bag, twist the top where you filled it to apply pressure throughout the rest of the bag, and push all of the icing towards the tip.

After doing so, gently squeeze the bag to get rid of any built up air bubble trapped inside. If you don’t they may come out during inopportune times, which can easily mess your decorations up by disrupting the icing flow from the tip unexpectedly.

Your next step is to chose the actual piping tip. One your tip is connected to the coupler, you are all set for decorating.

Choosing the Right Piping Tips

Our product has 29 different tips and nozzles, so you have a massive variety from which to choose from. Sometimes it may be hard to identify just exactly what design will come from a particular tip. If you are unsure, simply pipe come icing through the tip onto the side of a glass or onto a plate to get a better idea of the flow, and what will result from it.

Some tips are designed to make shapes by using different pressures and flows, while others make the same shapes and textures regardless. Experiment with a few before deciding on which to choose.

What Type of Icing Should I Use for Piping

For best results when piping, you can’t just use any type of icing. Some icings are made to be stiff, while others are made to be used as bases for cakes, and as a way to hold multiple layers together.

For piping, buttercream is the most recommended, as well as royal icing for those that want to change it up a bit. Homemade icing is also recommended, as store bought icings tend to yield poor results.

Decorating Cupcakes with Piping Tips

Piping is a delicate art, so your icing type will have a great influence as to how everything will turn out.

What Else do I Need for Cake Decorating

Although most of the decorating is done with the piping tips, there are a few other items that will make your decorating experience much easier. Sure, you can try to make a go at it with just your tips, but investing in a few other items will have plenty of added benefits that result in better decorating.

Cake Stand

Cake stands allow you to have a better vantage point when decorating. A rotating cake stand is even better. With a rotating version, you can hold one hand in place that is dispensing the icing, and slowly rotate the cake with the other to create a seamless design.

This also prevents you from having to pivot around the cake every time you want to reach a different angle. Simply rotate the cake around, and you’re good to go.

If you don’t want to buy a cake stand and already have something like a lazy susan or even rotating cheese tray on hand, those can work just as well, but a cake stand is recommended.


You may think the best cake decorators freehand the entire design when using Russian piping tips, but the truth is that they probably used a template at some point.

If you’ve ever carved a pumpkin for Halloween before, you know how this works. Lay a sheet with the design over the cake, and use a fine toothpick or needle-like instrument to make tiny holes along the edges of the design, as if you are tracing.

Once you’ve outlined the template, there should be holes all over the top of your cake or dessert that will help guide you along when you are adding the icing. These templates can be as simple as establishing symmetrical points on the cake, or outlining entire designs all at once.

If you can’t find a store-bought template you like, you can choose to create your own.

Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are obviously a good place to mix the icing in when making your recipe, but they can serve other purposes as well.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

If you are using the same icing for all of your decorating, and want to use different colors for the cake, you may use mixing bowls to isolate portions of your icing, and then add food coloring to each one separately, allowing you to have multiple colors of the same icing on hand in an organized manner.

Other Items

As far as the actual icing creation goes, you are better off with a powerful hand mixer or large kitchen mixer. This is much more efficient than trying to whip up the icing by hand. Electric hand mixers are an inexpensive way to do so.

Rubber or silicone spatulas are also recommended when transferring the icing from the bowl and into the icing bags. An apron will also come in handy.

Does Quality Matter for Russian Piping Tips

Absolutely. These tips might seem rather simple, but if you use low quality tips, it’s going to make a difference.

Some piping tips are plastic, and can easily break over time, or warp and even bend during use. Since the icing designs are so intricate, this could cause poor results.

Other tips simply have bad designs to begin with. You may do everything right, including making the perfect icing, getting out all of the air bubbles, securing the bag right, using the right amount of pressure and angles, and you still end up with lackluster decorations.

Flowers don’t look like flowers, lines are inconsistent, textures are unattractive. All of this results from a poorly-designed tip. Don’t skimp on quality, because it will show up.

Quality Russian Piping Tips That Come Through Every Time

We aren’t very big fans of poor-quality piping tips, so we decided to make them ourselves to ensure the best quality.

Our all-encompassing Russian piping tips set includes 29 different tips, giving you plenty of decoration options for any occasion. Creates life-like flowers, leaves, and grass, or simply create a combination of complementary textures that makes your desserts far more appealing.

The various options are suitable for both beginning users and experienced cake decorators. There’s something for everyone, and they are all easy to use.

Stainless Steel Piping Tips

Each tip is made from quality, 100% food-grade stainless steel, and won’t break from repeated use, or from dropping them or leaving them sitting out. These tips are made to last for years and years, perhaps even for generations.

Clean-up is a breeze as well. You may choose to wash and dry them by hand, or even run them through a dishwasher cycle. Doesn’t matter — they can handle either.

We also include a tri-color coupler that gives you more flexibility for creating multiple colors in your designs, while also making it easier to swap out the tips themselves. Don’t worry about multiple bags for each tip, just unscrew and replace and you have a whole different design to use.

A quality silicone bag is included as well, offering infinite uses for each decorating session.

If you are thinking about getting into dessert decorating yourself, begin by ordering our piping tips. In just a few days, you’ll have this professional-level set of tips delivered to your doorstep, allowing you to create amazing designs for cakes, cookies, pastries, cupcakes, and anything else you’d like to decorate.

These tips can also come in handy for holiday decorating ideas, such as gingerbread houses. The tips are easy to use, making them perfect to use with your kids.

Don’t settle for some cheaper product that can’t deliver results. Go with a piping tips set that combines both quality materials and expert designs.

First Time Decorating

Like we said earlier, it may be a little intimidating at first when beginning to decorate the first few times. If you are using our piping tips, you already have a head start over most, as the quality makes everything much easier.

That being said, there are a few tips that can help you create stunning decorations that make it look like you’ve been doing this for years.

It All Begins with the Icing

The icing itself plays the biggest role in how well your designs turn out. Buttercream icing is the most recommended, but some designs may require a slightly stiffer or softer touch from the icing. This can be accomplished by making some small adjustments in the portions of ingredients you use.

Flower Icing Russian Piping Tips

For the most part, a smooth, soft buttercream icing batch will serve your purposes best. Don’t get too creative at first, just see what you can do with a normal batch.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect, right? You probably aren’t going to make 20 cakes to practice on at first. What you can do is practice on objects that have rounded features.

Round baking or cake dishes turned upside down are an excellent option, as these provide a similar or exact scale of a cake layer.

Wine glasses and rounded drinking glasses can offer suitable surfaces as well. Use these to not only practice your pressure and angles, but to see how certain designs look together. What the designs turn out as in reality might not be how they were when you envisioned them in your head initially.

Even as you gain experience, it’s still always best to get a few practice rounds in on a non-edible object. You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t Get Carried Away with Designs

That cake you saw on Pinterest or in a magazine may seem amazing, but there’s a good chance they were made by someone with years of experience. If nailing the small details is required to make a certain design or template look acceptable, you’re best off choosing something a little easier and putting maximum effort into it.

This is a longer way of saying to aim low when you are first starting out. Even Martha Stewart had to start somewhere.

Always Use a Template, Even When You Don’t Think You Need One

Cupcakes are one thing, but if you are decorating a larger item such as a cake, even the simplest of templates will help you ensure a perfect decoration.

Making a few small dots here and there with a toothpick can help you to make sure things are evenly-spaced out.

Always Use a Chilled Cake

Icing is fragile, especially buttercream piping icing. You may be tempted to get right to work on that cake as soon as you bake it, but this will result in a melted mess on your cake after a few minutes.

Colorful Chilled Cake

A chilled cake ensures that your icing stays right where it is, and in the same form you made when you piped it onto the surface. If you are making a layered cake with multiple tiers, chill the cake for 15 minutes for each layer of icing that you add on in between tiers.

This will keep the tiers from moving around on you as you decorate. Think of it as allowing the glue to dry between each one. A stable, cool surface provides the best environment for your decorations to flourish.

If you are decorating on top of a layer of base icing, allow the icing to chill beforehand as well.

Keep it Simple at First

You may be surprised by just how little amount of decoration you need for most cakes.

First of all, not everyone wants a piece of cake that is slathered with a pound of icing, no matter how good it looks. If you are making something like a themed birthday cake, consider making a simple border around the cake using a flower design, and filled the middle portion in with your happy birthday message or text.

Other cakes may look best with some subtle texture. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make a cake with polka-dots.

After mapping out the spacing of each dot, use a simple piping tip to create consistently-sized balls of icing throughout the surface, and gently press them down using a flat non-stick knife or spoon. Use different colors to achieve a more vibrant look.

Use Your Creative Side

  • As we mentioned earlier, piping tips can cause a variance in designs by the pressure and angle you use when actually doing the piping. Don’t feel constrained by using what comes out when you first squeeze the bag.
  • Using your practice surface, come up with a few special designs on your own. Try layering some designs on one another.
  • For greater color variance, you can marble your icing colors. This can be achieved by mixing the color in for a few brief turns of the spatula. Carefully spoon the icing in your bag, and the colors will vary as you squeeze.

Handmade Creative Cake

  • Sometimes you may not even need to do the top of the cake at all. For flower themed cakes, try adding blooms to the sides of the cake all the way around, and place a few actual rose blooms or petals on top of the cake, creating a mixture of real and imitated flowers.
  • If you are decorating something small, the simpler the better, For cookies, try using a single design in the center. For cupcakes, make a swirl of icing that starts on the sides of the surface and forms a peak.

Start Your Decorating By Using the Right Piping Tips

The piping tips you choose make all the difference, regardless of your skill level. Our product will ensure a consistently good decorating experience each and every time.

If you are ready to begin creating alluring and unique designs for your desserts, order our set today. The designs themselves are unmatched, and the quality of materials will provide you with decades of piping designs for all of your desserts. Order now to get started!

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