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Its All Good Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Despite being one of the oldest writing utensils, pencils remain incredibly popular, with tens of millions being produced each and every year.

Pens threatened to replace pencils at one point, but pencils have held fast. For many, it’s simply hard to beat the feel and look that pencils offer, whether it’s for writing or sketching.

Standard pencils may be old, but they haven’t changed much. They contain a graphite core that does the actual writing, surrounded by wood on the outside -- which means they still need to be sharpened regularly.

While pencils haven’t changed all that much over the years, pencil sharpeners have. What began as a simple block of wood with a blade attached to the inside eventually became a crank-operated version you find in many classrooms.

Pencils Haven’t Changed, But Your Sharpener Needs To

These eventually gave way to electric versions. The older electric pencil sharpeners provided convenience, but they had their faults. The thing is, many still do today.

Most modern electric pencil sharpeners are stuck in their old ways. They are loud, heavy, big, wear down easily, and require an electrical outlet of some sort to operate, which limits where you can use them. Don’t even think about trying to bring one with you on the go.

Thankfully, we are firm believers in innovation, as well as traditional pencils themselves, so we’ve come up with a solution

A Convenient, Superior Electric Pencil Sharpener

We designed our pencil sharpener with performance, convenience, and versatility in mind.

The unit is incredibly lightweight, and small enough to bring with you in your bag. In fact, you might even forget you have it on you.

We took care of the loud part too. No more worrying about annoying people around you, this pencil sharpener provides smooth and quiet operation in any setting, be it classrooms, libraries, or offices.

Tired of having to always keep your sharpener by an outlet? We give you a few more options. The sharpener can be powered by either 4 AA batteries, a USB cord, and of course a wall outlet, making our product a truly mobile one.

Its All Good Electric Pencil Sharpener Box

For those that get frustrated with pencil sharpeners that wear out way too soon, we’ve thought of you as well. The blade inside our sharpener is very long-lasting and durable. However, when the time comes for a new blade, we’ve got you covered.

Simply open the hidden compartment near the batteries to reveal a brand new back-up blade which can be easily installed in a minute or two. This is perfect for sketch artists who are constantly needing to use a sharpener to keep their pencil tips honed and pointed.

Our sharpener is even safe for young kids to use. The blade is housed deep into the unit, helping to avoid any accidental injuries.

Versatile and Efficient Pencil Sharpening Anywhere, and for a Great Price

If you’re fed up with inferior electric sharpeners, or are just looking for a quality upgrade, click the order button to get a unit shipped out and on its way to your door step. The days of loud, obnoxious, dull sharpeners are over. Order your modern electric pencil sharpener now!

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