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Russian Piping Tips Decorating Cake

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas and Icing Tips

Few desserts provide as much appeal as a well-decorated cake or cupcake. Colors, shapes, and small details can all combine to provide an alluring and beautiful cake that is sure to wow whoever it’s been made for.

Sure, there are plenty of ways to get a cake or dessert decorated. You can have a specialty store do it, or get a custom cake from an upscale bakery. You may even task a talented friend or family member with the decoration. You provide the cake decorating ideas and materials, they provide the decorating.

Whatever it takes to not have to do it yourself, right?

Decorating Cake with Flowers

Cake decorating can certainly be intimidating for someone who has no experience or possess little artistic skill. This is understandable, but the truth is that anyone can decorate a cake with the right knowledge and tools. It just takes a little practice combined with quality cake decorating tools.

Read on to learn about some easy cake decorating ideas, and how our products can help.

Cake Decorating Icing Tips

Decorating a cake properly largely depends on what style of decoration you are going for in the first place. Regardless of your decorating style, the first thing you’ll need to do is create a perfect base layer of icing on which to build your creation. (Buttercream icing is highly recommended.)

  • To do this, begin by first chilling your cake and placing it onto a rotating cake stand or lazy susan. Smooth a base layer of chilled buttercream onto the cake, and use a straight spatula to seal off any crumbs that are lingering. Place the cake back into the refrigerator and chill for 15 minutes.
  • Coat the sides of the cake with more icing. Using your stand, rotate the cake in a circle while holding the spatula against the sides. Do this until you’ve gone all the way around.
  • Spoon any excess icing onto the top of the cake, and perform the same rotating smoothing method to the top until all the icing is worked in. Chill the cake for another 15 minutes and you’re good to go for decorating.

Preparing Your Icing

Using the rest of your buttercream icing, decide on whatever colors you’d like to use, and use gel-paste food coloring in stages until you achieve the desired color shade. This allows you to have the ideal color without diluting the icing’s flavor.

Once your icing is ready, fit your pastry bags with couplers, connect your piping tips, and fill the bag with your desired icing color. Squeeze the bag to get rid of any air pockets, as these will cause you to mess up your decorating unexpectedly.

Once your air pockets are gone, twist off the top of the bag to maintain pressure, and you’re all set.

Icing Tips for Decorating Cakes


If you need to get a good feel for how the piping tips work, practice by drawing designs on semware such as the outside of a red wine glass. This will allow you to get used to the process of squeezing the icing out of the bag, and while also offering a chance to see how well your designs work.

Preparing the Design

If you’ve ever traced a drawing before, you’ll be well-equipped for this next step.

Not everyone is capable of completely freehanding an icing design. If you want to ensure that your decorations are even and to scale, prep your cake surface by using a toothpick to make a sketch of your design. If you mess up, simply smooth the base icing over and start again.

Once you are satisfied with your pre-sketch move on to the actual decorating.

Cake Decorating Ideas

Cake decoration doesn’t have to be complicated. Piping tools are capable of creating very intricate designs with the simple squeeze of the pastry bag.

When using piping tools for decorating, you have two main options: actual designs, or texture. Covering the entire cake with a certain spot design from a piping tip can create unique and interesting textures. Just be sure to keep everything even, and mix the colors up as you see fit.

If you are creating an actual design, be sure to practice each piping tip on your wine glass first, so that you have a good idea how it will look on the cake. Sketch the design before beginning.

Easy Designs

One of the most popular designs for a piping tip is a rose bloom. This requires some patience, but with a few practice runs you’ll be able to handle it. Rose blooms can be used to cover the entire sides of the cake, or along the top edges.

The key to making your blooms look real is to ensure that they are the same size. Once you’ve created your bloom, press down gently in the center to foster a more realistic look.

Decorating White Cake with Piping Tips

Flat piping tips make it easy to create stripes. Pick out a few complimentary colors, and alternate stripes going across the cake. Use toothpicks and a spatula to lightly touch up and of the lines.

Polka dots are an easy choice as well. Use a piping tip with a round design to make consistent dots all across the cake, and use a cold spoon to flatten the tops down.

Cupcake Decorating Tips

Cupcakes provide a much smaller surface to work with, but also the opportunity to create a batch of cupcakes with varying designs and icing decorations.

Preparing Your Cupcakes for Decoration

The preparation for cupcakes is very similar to a full-sized cake. Make sure your cupcakes are cool, and use a buttercream base, if you would like to have a frosted surface. Prepare your piping tips and pastry bags just like you did in the steps listed above.

Cupcake Decorating Ideas

This is where things are a little different from cakes. You have a limited surface space, so one piping tip design is usually all you need. Swirls, flowers, and any other icing design that protrudes upwards is encouraged.

A flat cupcake icing design will make the cupcake look unfinished and incomplete. Make sure that your icing designs add height to the cupcake.

If you need some easy ways to add texture and color to your icing, consider adding ingredients like chocolate shavings, candy confetti, fresh fruit, crumbled up cookies, or even cut-up pieces of candy bars to the top of the icing. All you need is a swirl-like icing base with a flat tip

Do I Need Piping Tools to Decorate Cakes and Cupcakes

Cake and cupcake decoration is an intricate art. Any kind of art is always made easier by having the right tools. In this case, consider piping tops and icing bags as your brushes.

While you are certainly more than welcome to try to decorate your cake by spooning some icing on or squeezing it out through a small hole in a bag, the truth is that piping tips do most of the work for you, in a much easier fashion.

Decorating Cupcakes with Piping Tips

With all the designs available, all you have to do is worry about deciding on which ones to use. Fill your icing bag, choose your tip, and you have everything you need to make beautiful decorations.

Quality Matters

When it comes to decorating, the quality of the tools matter. There are many piping tips and cake decorating supplies that are made from cheap plastic and feature mediocre designs on the tips. This not only results in a more strenuous decorating process, it risks the overall quality of your decorating as well.

It’s simply not worth it to buy cheap decorating tools. If you want to be sure that your decorating goes smoothly and looks it’s best, consider spending a few dollars more to receive our superior cake decorating products. You’ll not only see the difference, but save time and stress in the process.

When you order our set of Russian piping tips, you receive a 29 piece boxed set of 27 tips, 9 different nozzles, a tri-color coupler that allows you to create three colors with one tip, and a reusable silicone bag.

This set makes it easy as possible to create dazzling icing displays on everything from cakes, to cupcakes, to cookies, and whatever else you want to decorate with icing. The multiple tip choices provide you with multiple options to create unique and innovative designs with the simple squeeze of the icing bag.

Get Started Today and Become a Decorating Pro in No Time

Don’t waste your time trying to use low-quality materials that break and bend while offer poor designs. Our Russian piping tips set contains everything you need to create beautiful icing designs and art on anything you want.

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We use durable materials that are able to withstand years of use and wear, providing you with countless decorating uses over time.

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