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Woman Wearing Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headphone Technology Meets Superior Sound and Design

While it’s true that headphones and earbuds have been used for decades as a way to listen to audio and a more private and clear manner, the advent of smartphones and tablets has caused a dramatic rise in their already widespread use.

Now that our phones are our most essential devices, we use them for everything. Music, movies, games, — not to mention actually talking. Headphones can make all of these uses much easier.

For years, headphones for smartphones were limited in their convenience, until Bluetooth technology appeared on the scene. With Bluetooth a cord was no longer needed, as compatible headsets could connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet, giving you more freedom of movement while also avoiding other pesky issues that result from having cords.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Unfortunately, just because a headset or pair of headphones is Bluetooth compatible doesn’t make it a good product necessarily. Sure, you might come across a pair of Bluetooth headphones for your your phone, but there are many more factors at play. How is the sound quality? Are they durable?

It’s actually harder than you think to find a pair of Bluetooth headphones that addresses all of the things that makes a pair of headphones stand out. We didn’t like this fact, so we set out to make a superior pair of Bluetooth headphones ourselves… And we were successful.

Unrivaled Headphone Quality in all the Areas That Matter Most

First and foremost, these headphones sound incredible. Stunningly-clear high frequencies combine with a surprisingly deep and low bass sound to provide massive sound in a tiny, in-ear package, all of which comes via a Bluetooth V4.1 wireless connection.

We wanted to have the least amount of moving parts possible with this product. You’ll notice that there’s no on/off button with these headphones. They use magnets to stick together when not in use. Want to turn them on? Simply pull them apart, and your headphones are ready to connect to your phone or tablet.

Are you in the market for Bluetooth headphones to use for your workouts? You’ll be pleased to know that this pair is completely sweat proof, which allows you to exercise with the peace of mind comes from knowing that your headphones won’t be ruined if things get a little hot.

Bluetooth Headphones Box Package

If you’ve had issues on the past with in-ear headphones coming out or moving around during use, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve included three different sizes of ear locks and earbuds, ensuring a snug fit regardless of your ear shape and size.

Don’t worry about breaking these headphones either. We’ve constructed them from high-quality materials that can withstand normal wear and tear each day. No flimsy or brittle plastic here.

Up Your Headphone Game Instantly

Getting these headphones into your ears is incredibly easy — just click the order button! In just a few short days, you’ll have your very own pair of Bluetooth headphones that are ready to go with your wherever your day takes you, providing incredible sound and convenience the whole time.

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