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Who Can Benefit From Using Bluetooth Earpieces for Phones

Bluetooth technology is everywhere these days. Whether it’s an earpiece for phones, a FitBit, your car’s radio system, or even your refrigerator, it’s rare to encounter an electronic device that doesn’t have some sort of Bluetooth connectivity.

What is Bluetooth, you ask? For those that don’t know, Bluetooth technology allows certain devices to connect and communicate with each other to perform certain tasks. A very common example of this would be controlling your car’s Bluetooth compatible stereo system by playing songs on your phone.

This provides users with a convenient and wireless way to control, interact with, or share information between anywhere from two to eight devices.

Right Bluetooth Earbud

Bluetooth seems like a complicated system, but it’s actually rather simple.

How Does Bluetooth Work

A Bluetooth device connects to other compatible devices by using simple radio wave frequencies. Bluetooth compatible devices such as a headphones and phones contain a tiny computer chip that houses a Bluetooth radio transmitter, along with software that facilitates the transmission.

When two Bluetooth devices are within range of one another, they  are able to communicate with each other. This communication occurs through an ad hoc network called a piconet, which is a type of network containing devices connected using the Bluetooth technology.

When a network has been established, one device assumes the master position, while all the other devices become what’s commonly referred to as a “slaves,” meaning they are under the master device doing all the directing.

When these networks are established, music or media that is playing on something like smartphone can be sent instantly through the Bluetooth radio connection wave to something like a external speaker or headset, all without any type of physical cord or connection.

This provides consumers with unlimited possibilities for syncing their compatible devices together for anything from music streaming to dimming their home’s lights.

While there’s plenty to be said for all of Bluetooth’s uses, one of the most common uses of this convenient technology is Bluetooth headsets for phones.

Who Uses Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth wireless technology provides plenty of benefits numerous types of people in a variety of situations, specifically with in-ear headsets. Here are just a few everyday examples.

Runners and Cyclists

The desire to listen to music during any form of physical activity or exercise is nothing new. People such as runners and cyclists have been using headphones to listen to music during their excursions for decades.

Asian Girl Running with Headphones

Up until recently, their only options were either bulky and uncomfortable over-ear and on-ear headphones, as well as standard in-ear headphones.

While the idea of having music to accompany exercise is certainly appealing, there are plenty of disadvantages to using standard headphones. For one, they need some sort of cord, which can easily get in the way, and even pose a hazard.

In-ear Bluetooth headphones offer a perfect solution. Simply connect your phone to the headphone’s signal, and you have an instant wireless connection that will send the tunes directly to your headphones — without that annoying cord getting in the way.

This gives both runners and cyclists a safer and much more convenient way to enjoy their favorite music while outside.


Headsets are commonplace for nearly any gamer that spends time playing any video game that runs on a network. Headphones and microphones provide the gamer with a way to hear the game better, as well as communicate with teammates or trash talk opponents. This is one of the beauties of network games, after all.

Unfortunately, if you have a standard headset, you aren’t going to be able to stray very far from where it’s connected. You’re pretty much at the mercy of your cord length.

Bluetooth headsets give gamers the freedom to stray as far away from the headphone input jack as they’d like. This allows them to play from anywhere in the room, which provides plenty of advantages.


If you take the bus, train, or subway to and from work, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got some headphones on your for the journey. Whether you’re listening to podcasts, your favorite album, or watching streaming video, you’re going to need some headphones.

This means that you have to worry about bringing headphones with you back and forth. If you have a standard pair of headphones, you have to deal with tangled cords, or worry about snagging your cord on someone else when things get crowded.

Man Using Headphones

Basic headphones such as over-ear and on-ear models can also get in the way, and are even more difficult to transport due to their size.

In-ear Bluetooth headphones give you unrivaled convenience and peace of mind during your commute. The cordless design means you can easily transport them without getting cords tangled around your belongings, or any other inconvenience that results.

Have a call coming in? Bluetooth headsets often include a built-in microphone as well, so you can seamlessly switch from listening to music to answering a phone call, all without a cord dangling in front of you or behind you.


Smartphones can be a dangerous and even deadly distraction when driving. Standard smartphone compatible headphones offer a hands-free way to conversate when a call comes in, but the cord itself can easily get in the way.

Basic headphones are not only uncomfortable to wear while driving, they can also block out the necessary background noise you need to have maximum awareness while driving.

By wearing an in-ear Bluetooth headset, you can simply leave the earpiece in before, during and after the drive, which allows you to always be ready to take a call. These headsets also allow an appropriate amount of background noise to flow in.

If you are going to take a call while driving, you might as well do it with the least amount of physical distractions possible.

Gym Use

Whether you are at your own home gym or a local gym, there’s a good chance that you listen to music to get you through your frequent workouts. Wearing bulky over-ear or on-ear headphones is not really an option, so many opt for basic in-ear headphones instead.

These headphones may stay out of the way, but the pesky cord remains. If you are lifting weights or using any kind of exercise machine, a dangling cord either in front of our behind you is the last thing you need.

Earphones from ItsAllGood

Bluetooth in-ear headphones easily solve this problem. Insert the earpieces, hit play, and you are good to go, without the danger of snagging your cord on something mid-workout.

Airplane Travelers

If you’re in the middle of a flight itinerary, headphones can be your best friend. Airports can be lonely at times, and layovers are especially annoying. A good pair of headphones can help to get you through your journey, however.

Carry-on space is always at a minimum, so you have to make good use of the space you have available. Bulky headphones can take up too much space in bag. Standard in-ear headphones are much more viable, but the cord can make them troublesome.

Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones barely take up any space at all. No cord, just two tiny earbuds that you can easily fit inside your change pocket.

What Makes Our Bluetooth Headphones Superior

Our in-ear Bluetooth headphones feature a smart design that utilizes the best aspects of wireless technology.

No More Cords

Our Bluetooth headset provides a total wireless experience. These headphones utilize a Bluetooth V4.1 connection to connect the set with any Bluetooth smartphone. The V4.1 connection is not only fast, it avoids interfering with 4G LTE networks as well.

Helpful Exercise Features

The wireless advantage is far from being the only feature of these headphones. The earbuds resistant to moisture and sweat, which makes them even more suitable for exercise use.

Each pair of headphones come packaged with three different sizes of earbuds and locks, which helps to create a snug, locking fit for any ear size. This results in a pair of headphones that remains firmly in place during most any activity.

Bluetooth Headphones Magnet Design

Magnetized On/Off

One thing you’ll instantly notice about our headphones is the lack of an on/off switch. That’s because they use magnetic power to turn on and off. Magnets hold the earbuds together when not in use, and pulling them apart turns them on. This means fewer moving parts to worry about failing.

Superior Sound

We made sure to not skimp on audio quality. The speakers inside the headphones provide superb high frequencies, and also offer a surprising amount of low-end bass.

Built to Last

We aren’t okay with flimsy materials that can break down and fall apart after a short period of use. We use high-quality materials in each pair of our headsets, which ensures a durable product that will provide you with countless uses.

Get Your Pair Now

If you are tired of dealing with bothersome cords and bulky headphone units, get your very own pair of our wireless Bluetooth headphones today, and get on board with all of the conveniences they offer. With just a few clicks, you can have a pair in the mail and on its way to you before you know it. Order now!

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