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magnetic bluetooth headsets (available)

Whether you are out for a jog, or on the subway back home, headphones can make your time much more enjoyable. For years, headphones for smartphones were limited in their convenience, until Bluetooth technology appeared on the scene. With Bluetooth a cord was no longer needed, as compatible headsets could connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet, giving you more freedom of movement while also avoiding other pesky issues that result from having cords.

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electric pencil sharpener (available)

Despite being one of the oldest writing utensils, pencils remain incredibly popular, with tens of millions being produced each and every year. Pens threatened to replace pencils at one point, but pencils have held fast. For many, it’s simply hard to beat the feel and look that pencils offer, whether it’s for writing or sketching. Standard pencils may be old, but they haven’t changed much. They contain a graphite core that does the actual writing, surrounded by wood on the outside — which means they still need to be sharpened regularly.

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russian piping tips (available)

Proper cake decorating can make a boring and dull cake transform into a visual work of art that commands attention. From wedding receptions to birthdays, there’s nothing like a beautiful cake to mark the occasion. Decorating desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, and cookies can be difficult, time-consuming, and stressful. The idea of having to spend time creating intricate designs using icing can seem impossible. This is actually somewhat true — if you lack the proper tools for decorating.

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Absolutely amazing set for any baker

Absolutely amazing set for any baker! I was so excited to revive this set of piping tips along with the reusable piping bag! The Russian tips are really great quality of thick metal and don’t bend at all! Great cutouts in the tips as well with no jagged trim.


Excellent Product We Love It !

Comes as a set in a natural card board gift box which will be cute for gift giving to that awesome baker in your life! I know I have tons of other tips but this set is really all the Russian tips you will ever need and extremely durable!

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Fun and wonderful variety of designs and in no time i will be decorating up a storm

I received my piping tips swiftly to my home and was eager to brush up on my cake and cupcake decorating. I have recently started decorating with fondant and lace molds and really wanted to start making flowers and beautiful designs on my bake goods.

Amazon Customer

Icing on the cake.

These piping tips are great! I’m not a professional baker, but love to bake. I have never been able to pretty cakes until I started using these! They’re easy to use, the bag is easy to clean and the product works very well.